Family Trip to San Francisco - Opening Doors

Anyone who has met E knows how fascinated he is by doors. He loves to open and close any kind of door, and we often have to wait while he opens doors for strangers, watches automatic doors close after us, or figures out how a lock works. In school the teacher has appointed him “door monitor”… smart teacher, he’d be there opening the door anyway & now that it’s his “job” the other kids don’t tousle for a turn. In Barcelona, he was so obsessed with all the keys needed to get into our apartment that we finally went to a locksmith and bought him a key blank of his own.

So today, when E found the emergency information for our airplane, complete with pictures of all the exits and details on how to open each one, he was obsessed. P had to read the card to him over and over, pointing to the exits that each picture referred to and describing all the scenarios (landing on water, landing on the ground, etc).

Better yet, when we checked into the hotel tonight, the (very friendly) receptionist gave him his very own room key. We rigged things so that he could open the room door himself, and he could not possibly have been more proud.

People like to joke that my son has a fine future ahead of him as a doorman. I’m cool with that, a good doorperson in Manhattan gets to meet lots of fascinating people and can make upwards of 100k per year. I’m just hoping he’ll get a family discount at that fabulous Manhattan hotel for his mom.

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