It was the first place I traveled on my own, without parents or family or classmates. A business conference took me there in my first year at Microsoft and I couldn't believe my luck. I wandered Boston's streets between meetings, and discovered for the first time that history wasn't just a series of names and dates to be memorized. I discovered the great joy that is fresh lobster with melted butter. And most importantly, I discovered that I could be safe traveling on my own. Those discoveries fueled, in so many ways my future travels.

I'm having a hard time, as we all are, rationalizing the images in my memories with the images I'm seeing on the news. Each time there is an attack like this, it damages my sense of our safety, but I won't allow this to damage the spirit of exploration and discovery and wanting to learn about and be part of the world.

Be well this week and hug your family extra tight.

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