Packing lists

Updated Sunscreen Recommendations for 2012

Eilan enjoys the sun at Aulani Resort in Hawaii

Every year the Environmental Working Group releases it's annual report on safe sunscreens. It's worth checking out, both for advice on using sunscreen properly and to find products that don't contain harmful chemicals but do provide adequate sun protection. You might be surprised to learn that some ...

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Packing for Aulani Resort (or any Hawaii Vacation With Kids)

Eilan runs through the shallow water under the Menehune Bridge at Aulani Resort

Visiting a new place is tricky - pack too much, and you're ready to swear off all vacations before you even reach the hotel, pack too little and you'll spend a big part of your vacation budget buying what you should have brought from home. So, what should you ...

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Summer Sun Protection and Swim Gear for Kids

E explores the sand at Crystal Cove in Laguna Beach, CA

It felt like winter would never end in Seattle this year, and yet all of a sudden I find myself slathering sunscreen on the kids when we're out and about. Worse, I'm repeating the rush that I endure each year as we buy our shorts and swimsuits just ...

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