Getting Ready for Italy

We're all packed. Or so we think! :-) Our bags are sitting impatiently just inside the front door. We just need to remember to grab E from his crib! ;-) Our flight leaves Sunday, with quick stops in Chicago and London before arriving in Rome. If all goes according to schedule, we'll be in Rome 19 hours later (4:10pm Monday, Rome time).

Last October, went on a similar trip to Paris . It was our first big trip with E and we learned a lot about how to prepare, what to pack, tricks for traveling with an infant ... and we're doing things a little differently this time around.

For instance, last time we took our own car seat. We used it all of 4 times... to/from our house and the airport and to/from the airport to our apartment. It was a huge hassle. This time, we're using a car service that provides a car seat. We don't know how we're going to get to our apartment on the other end, but we'll figure something out.

We're also taking 2 laptops to avoid contention in the evenings once E goes to bed. Nerdy, we know. I bought a compact travel wireless router from Linksys so we can share the broadband link in the apartments. I also signed up for SkypeIn, which gets us a local Seattle number that forwards to our laptop in Italy via VOIP (Voice Over IP). It costs about $3/mo. We're forwarding our home number to this "SkypeIn" number, so if anyone calls us at home, we'll be able to answer it from Rome! It also comes with free voicemail. Gotta love technology.

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