We're in Rome, but our Luggage is not

We're in Rome, safe and sound. Our flight out of Seattle was delayed for over an hour due to bad weather in Chicago. (Is the weather never good in Chicago?) We ran between terminals and nearly missed our connecting flight... looks like our bags weren't as fast. (Note to self: Avoid connecting in Chicago. Doubly avoid it if you are flying Alaska Airlines, because they don't have staff there, so you're stuck with American Airlines agents that couldn't care less about you). Luckily, we packed an extra set of clothes in our carry-on, so we could at least put on fresh clothes when we got here. Our bags should arrive this afternoon.

Our apartment is in a great location, near Campo Di Fiori and the Pantheon. There is a gelato shop downstairs and a pharmacy at the corner. Perfect!

Our apartment is huge! There's a full-size kitchen w/ dish washer + dinette, laundry room, dining room, sitting room, 4 bedrooms, and 2 full baths. It's charming and dilapidated at the same -- like the city itself actually -- and the furnishing are very quirky -- lots of Asian-y furniture, a mannequin, and a stuffed tiger (no joke). Also, the bedroom lights are somehow possessed -- they turn on and off at random! The lights are a combination ceiling fan + light fixture with a wireless remote so maybe we're dueling with an equally baffled tenant in a nearby apartment.

Our favorite feature is the large windows that run along both lengths of the apartment. We're on the 5th floor and since most of the nearby buildings are shorter, we've got magnificent views all around.

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