Exploring Roma

Yesterday (Wednesday), we just walked around town with no destination in mind or a even guidebook.

It's interesting to see the cultural differences in the foods available for babies. In Paris, we were surprised to see baby jars of chocolate rice pudding. Parisians know good chocolate -- maybe that's their secret -- start early! We were shopping for baby food today, and we saw these flavors we don't see at home... prosciutto, rabbit, and trout. Hey, why not.

We had lunch at Okiba, which had the tagline "a mozzarella bar". It wasn't anything fancy, just some great salads, cheeses, and meats. Why can't we get a simple meal like this in the States?

In the same vein, Italy's "piazzas" -- the large public squares you often find in front of a church -- are wonderful public spaces. Why don't more countries have them? E loves having the space to run, and the free-flowing water spigots are endless fun. A piazza, an inflatable ball, and some water-proof shoes are all he needs for an adventure anywhere in the city!

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  1. Raffaella Menichini Bentson on April 28, 2009 at 1:17 a.m.

    i totally agree about interesting cultural differences on baby food. being a mom living in rome with 1 1/2 twin boys - they were 6 months old when we traveled to seattle to visit the other half of the family - i was surprised of baby food in america.. the babies loved american "combos" - especially organic baby food like squash+beef+beans etc. but we were looking for fish and couldn't find it..wonder why