Capitoline Hill and First Gelato

On Friday, we explored Capitoline Hill, one of Rome's better known 7 hills. This is the one with the stairway and piazza designed by Michaelangelo. There are nice views of Rome from the top, especially of the Roman Forum.

After several visits here over the years, we finally made time to visit the Capitoline Museum. They've got a great collection of statues here. My favorite was in the courtyard... the colossal (though dismembered) statue of Constantine II. E loved the statues, and started pointing and laughing when he saw the giant foot!

If you ever go, don't miss the spectacular views from the museum's terrace, right next to the cafeteria.

We had a snack at the cafeteria and E had his first ever panini here -- tomato & mozzarella. He loved it. The fresh mozzarella here has been a hit all around. We're buying it by the bag in supermarkets, ordering it as a starter, and generally devouring it. E screeches in jealousy when we take a bite for ourselves.

In the late afternoon, we headed for a "hit of gelato" at Giolitto (our favorite gelateria). This was E's first taste of the stuff. Always the skeptic, he looked very suspicious as he rolled the cold substance around his mouth. With a grimace, he decided to ask for more. Shortly after that he decided that we weren't spooning it in fast enough. Wow! We've never seen him with a sugar high like that before.

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