Perspective: Travelling with Baby

It's surprising how differently we view the world with E in tow. Little things for us, like reading him the same bedtime story he gets at home bring him endless delight, while big things for us, like a flight delay followed by a tight connection don't phase him at all. If anything, he loved our mad dash through the airport.

One thing we'd never fully appreciated before is how much music you hear in the streets here. In the first few days, E saw and heard a kid playing a violin, a man playing the sax, a tap dancer, an orchestra, and a guy playing African tunes on a guitar. Before E, we didn't take much notice. Now, as we walk by, E leans his whole body towards them, so we stop, hang out, and listen. E is mesmerized.

We're also realizing how much E loves all the new experiences here. For example, we had no idea that he'd be so crazy for ravioli, or that crawling around on a marble floor would be so entertaining, or that a big statue of a foot would be so funny, or that drinking fountains would be endlessly entertaining!

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  1. Lia on March 16, 2009 at 11:05 a.m.

    I've been offered a chance to travel to Rome w/ my husband on a business trip. However, we'd be bringing out 19 month child. I'll be by myself most of the time. Is this a save location to be by yourself and is there enough to keep a wondering little one busy? Trip will be 10 days! Thanks