Wonderful Rainy Day

Today seems to be a “no nap” day for my son, so I took him and Darya out to check out the Vancouver Public Library. We often use public librarys as a stopping point when we’re travelling, because they’re quiet and give the kids a little break from the day. I had read that the library had a play area for toddlers, so it seemed like a great choice in the rain. Unfortunately, this library was a bit out of the mainstream downtown area and pretty run down. The toddler area consisted of a lot of scruffy stuffed animals (not much play for a 2 yr old and a baby) a mirror (which the baby loved) and some big blocks. We had a nice time for a little while, but it hardly justified the long walk.

On the way back, it started to rain & little d started to complain that she was hungry. I took D out of her sling & decided to swing into a Starbucks to get a little snack for everyone and a quick break from the rain. Getting through swinging doors with a stroller & while carrying a baby is always a challenge, so I was grateful when a man came over and opened the door for me. I said “thank you” and gave him a big smile… his response “no problem, just don’t have any more kids, eh” WOW!!!! I wish I could say that I had some sort of witty response ala “it seems like your mom had one too many” but I was so shocked that I just stared at him and went inside. I’ve had a lot of crazy things happen to me while travelling, but that’s possibly one of the rudest and most invasive!

Dinner was at the excellent Phnom Penh restaurant. My son had a tough time with the crowds, but he loved the mango drink we ordered for him. We are absolutely in love with their fried chicken wings & I feel like this restaurant needs to be in my regular rotation in Vancouver.

Back to the hotel for bedtime. We had some of the special brand of goofy, silly dancing and fun that seems to only happen just before bedtime when we’re travelling together. Luckily bedtime went better than nap and both kids were asleep pretty quickly. Today was a fairly crazy day, but I’m so glad we’re here. I’ve had some fantastic food (which is what I love about Vancouver) and while we didn’t exactly hit a lot of cultural spots the kids got to experience some new things that they would not have at home.

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