Service Please!

We were all up at relatively the same time this morning. The best word to describe E’s mood is bubbly. He keeps repeating “you woke up in a hotel room” and seems absolutely delighted. Since our suite has a dining table, we thought it would be extra fun to order room service (something we rarely do) Of course, being a toddler, my son rejected the pancakes (more for me ;) and made his breakfast almost entirely out of leftover olive bread from Granville Island.

We headed over to Stanly park directly where… more bad luck… the children’s train and farm are closed due to a strike. Luckily there was a cool playground do distract E from our unfulfilled promises & the Aquarium was open. The Aquarium was super crowded & I wish that we had purchased tickets online before coming so that we could skip the line. Once in, we focused our energies on the outdoor dolphin pools, the big dive tank at the entry, and some of the animals that are not found in our local aquarium.

With the heavy rain that we’re getting & both kids exhausted, we decided to head to lunch and then pile everyone in the car to head home. Lunch was as Vij’s Rangoli. We’ve eaten in Vij’s repeatedly and it is one of my alltime favorite meals. However, it’s a little too fancy for the kids & not open for lunch. Rangoli is a casual restaurant with plates small enough that we can get a variety of tastes & in good weather there is outdoor seating, which always works great with the kids. We loved our meal & I picked up some interesting spices and cardamom chocolates to take home. Then we got in the car & told everyone it would be a long drive and it was a good time naptime and drove home. My son complained a little bit about wanting to sleep in a hotel room again, but he must have been really exhausted, because the next time I looked back he was asleep.

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