Kids Travel Book Review: A Day at the Market

I'll write about my favorite travel-related kids books every other week. Most books are from my personal collection, or checked out from the library, but whenever I do accept a book for review from a publisher, I will always let you know. If you buy the book using the Amazon link at the end of the post, I earn a small commission, and that income helps me keep the site going.

Eilan is the third child in my family to fall in love with A Day at the Market by Sara Anderson. At his age (he's one now), the bright colors and the cut-through windows of this large sized board book keep him totally engaged.

Even the rhymes are so funny sounding and rhythmic, that they often get a laugh or a smile.

Wolf fish, salmon,
octopus stew.
Down the line
there's honeydew.

Each time I read A Day in the Market, I get to remember which parts were E and D's favorites. When I'm very lucky, all three kids cuddle up in my lap to see the colorful pictures of Pike Place Market, and show me which of the vendors they want to visit on our next trip.

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