Top Posts and Resources of 2008

2008 was a big year for DeliciousBaby. The blog has grown and changed a lot over the course of the year. In 2008 we added many new features, including the ability for readers to add their favorite destinations to the city guides. I have enjoyed getting to know so many ...

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10 Tips for Surviving Flight Delays With Kids

This Thanksgiving, air traffic promises to be a bit lighter than it has in recent years. Still countless parents will be delayed in airports around the country. Here are my top tips for making those delays less torturous.

Delayed In the Airport
This is the best time to meet any ...

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My Best Family Travel Advice

With Thanksgiving and Winter Holidays quickly approaching, I wanted to share some of my favorite articles to help you get packed, through the airport, and safely to your destination.

Packing Lists for Travel With Kids
Top tips for packing light with kids
Favorite Family Travel Products

Breeze Through ...

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Money Saving Tips the Travel Industry Doesn't Want You to Know

Most budget travel articles tell you things like where to find the best hotel deals or give advice like "find restaurants where kids eat free." Those are great tips, but they keep you firmly rooted in expensive travel industry products and services. This article focuses on tips you won't ...

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Tips for a Smooth Travel Day With Kids

Now that it is Spring Break season, it seems like almost everyone I talk with is stressed about bringing their kids on a plane ride, and trying to figure out how to encourage them to be on their best behavior. As with everything else, a little advance preparation and having ...

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Airplanes & Car Seats Part III: Car Seat Carriers

Once you have committed to carrying your car seat through the airport, there are several different ways to do it. This article provides a roundup of the different options, each with it's plusses and minuses.

Our next post in this series will discuss travel car seats, and over the ...

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Airplanes & Car Seats Part II: General Tips

Know What You Need
In general, make sure you know the car seat laws at your destination. Car seat laws vary by state in the US. For example, a child who can ride in a booster seat in California may need a seat with a five point harness in Washington ...

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Airplanes & Car Seats Part I: Car Seat Requirements

This week, I'll be publishing a series of articles about Flying with Car Seats. This article, which covers the requirements and guidelines related to flying safely with a baby, toddler or child, is the first installment!

Who Needs A Carseat On An Airplane Flight
Neither infants nor children are ...

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Travel Gear: 10 Reasons to Pack Duct Tape When You Travel

We're minimalists when it comes to specialized travel gear, but the one thing we never leave home without is a small roll of duct tape (also called duck tape). Here are some terrific uses you've probably never considered.

  1. Repair broken luggage or tape closed the area where a ...

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Advantage Rent-A-Car's Unsafe Car Seats

Update 28 July 2008: Despite their promises Advantage Rent A Car continues to rent unsafe car seats please click the link to read what happened to mom Barbara and her 6 month old infant when they visited the Los Angles location

original story follows

You might remember that when we ...

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Ten Tips for Keeping a Toddler Busy on a Plane

This time of year, every parent gets anxious about their travel plans and keeping their young kids occupied on long plane flights. Besides packing a few great travel toys you'll want to have some airplane activities that won't break or get lost. Here are our top ten airplane ...

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