Restaurants in Vancouver

Bella Gelateria

Address 1001 W Cordova St, Vancouver, BC V6C 0B7 Map, Tel (604) 569-1010 Call,

Bella Gelateria isn't just any Gelato place. The owners handcraft their gelato using old world techniques using fresh ingredients. Everything is made from scratch (no mass-produced ice cream starter here) and Bella Gelateria even won an Italian award for their gelato! This is a place where even a 5 year old would slow down and savor the gelato instead of wolfing it down. more

Go Fish

Address 1505 West 1st Ave., Vancouver, Canada Map, Tel 604-730-5040 Call, Notes reservations not accepted

This shack on the western approach to Granville Island serves deliciously fresh and non-traditional seafood dishes like salmon tacos, tempura battered fish and chips and simple grilled seafood. Year round patio. Weekends can be very crowded. more

Guu With Garlic

Address 1698 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1C7 Map, Tel (604) 685-8678 Call, Website

One of the fun things about a trip to Vancouver is the opportunity to taste lots of different kinds of Asian food. Guu with Garlic serves Japanese small plates (called izakaya) and this small chain is one of the best in town. The hustle and bustle here make it a perfect choice with kids, as does the small size of the plates. more

Hakhamanesh Restaurant (was Kashcool)

Address 222 Pemberton Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7P 2R5 Map, Tel (604) 904-3904 Call,

This sit down Persian restaraunt in a light industrial area is decorated to look like you've entered ancient Persia. For kids, the cavernous interior is offset by the indoor fountain complete with goldfish. There's also a narrow covered patio where you can sit and enjoy the weather on a warm day. The kabobs here are excellent. Jujeh Kabob (Chicken on Skewers) was juicy and buttery. Koobideh (ground beef kabob) was flavorful and tender. Stews were also good, though unexceptional. We like to order "tadig" (crispy rice) with ghimeh and gourmeh sabzi. That gives you a chance to taste two stews without committing to a whole dish. Homemade "Dough" (a yogurt drink) was not quite tart enough for my taste, and I would recommend ordering bottled instead. more

Honjin Sushi

Address 140 Lonsdale Ave., N. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V7M 2E8 Map, Tel 604-990-9168 Call, Location Walking distance from North Vancouver Aquabus terminal Website

While not especially kid friendly, this sushi restaurant has large (family sized) booths and a good mix of both sushi and cooked dishes. The restaurant is known for high quality sushi rolls that feature fish from the Pacific Northwest. more

Japa Dog

Address 899 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2K6 Map, Website

Hotdogs are a sure kid pleaser, but a hot dog dinner is usually a big disappointment for the grown-ups in our family. After all, part of the reason we travel is to taste the local cuisine. In that context, JapaDog, a food cart that serves up Japanese style hot dogs is a relief. They're fun and new for my husband and I (hello Okonomi Hot Dog) and reliable and trusted for the kids (plain please!). Be forewarned that Japa Dog hot dogs are about $7 each, so while this is inexpensive compared with sitting down in a restaurant, it's a big splurge compared with a Costco Hot Dog. more

Lee's Donuts of Granville Island

Address 1689 Johnston Street, Vancouver, Canada Map, Tel (604) 685-4021 Call, Location Inside the Granville Island Market

Lee's donuts might just make the perfect donut. They're sweet, but not goopy. Fluffy and tender, but slightly crispy on the outside. Best of all, they can be made to order if you ask. Try the honey-dipped. You won't be sorry you did. more


Address 2551 West Broadway, Vancouver, Canada Map, Tel (604) 739-8185 Call, Website

Hire a sitter, and get out for dinner without the kids. Lumière has become a destination restaurant for food groupies. The food is best described as French inspired northwest food. Food is delicate and highlights the fresh seasonal ingredients. Try the Herb-Crusted Beef Tenderloin with Chanterelles or go all out and order the chef's tasting menu. Feenies next door also offers excellent food and a more casual atmosphere. Reservations well in advance. more

Maenam Thai Restaurant

Address 1938 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, V6J 1M5 Map, Tel 604-730-5579 Call, Website

This upscale but casual Thai restaurant in Kitsilano has done for Thai food what Vij's did for Indian food. It's a chic spot, but you can make it work by ordering kid friendly mainstays like Chicken Satay (Chicken Lollypops) and Pad Thai noodles. more

Phnom Penh

Address 244 East Georgia St., Vancouver, Canada Map, Tel 604-682-5777 Call, Hours 10am-10pm daily, Notes high chairs available

A favorite of both Julia Child and Anthony Bourdain, this Cambodian-Vietnamese restaurant is a bit of a dive, but the food is distinctly special. The huge menu can be a bit intimidating, but waitstaff are happy to offer suggestions, and we've never had a single dish that wasn't delicious. The fried chicken wings are the best I've ever had, almost like popcorn. Picky kids can be sated with any of a variety of noodle dishes (and a delicious frozen mango drink) more

Siegel's Bagels

Address 1698 Johnston St., Vancouver, BC Map, Tel 604 685 5670 Call, Website

A bagel might not seem like the thing you'd seek out on a trip to a new city, but Siegel's are worth the effort. Everyone raves about the Montreal style bagels, but I think the real star is the rich, velvety cream cheese. Eat one on the spot, and take some home for later. While you're there, pick up a bag of the award winning rugelach to go! more

Sun Sui Wah

Address 102 Alderbridge Place, Richmond, Canada Map, Tel (604) 273-8208 Call,

Chinese food in general and dim sum in particular are particularly competitive in Vancouver and nearby Richmond. Sun Sui Wah has managed to be among the best restaurants in town for years. I was amazed not only by the sheer variety and number of dishes available, but also the quality. Barbequed pork in pastry was moist and almost buttery, shu-mai were packed with flavor, and after a valiant effort, I feel like I've sampled a mere 5 to 10 percent of the available options. Desserts too are well suited for western tastes. My favorite is the tapioca custard with pastry top. Open every day for lunch and dinner, reservations accepted. more

The Urban Tea Merchant

Address 1070 W Georgia St Vancouver, BC V6E 2Y2 Map, Tel 604-926-3392 Call, Website

Escape the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver by ducking in to the Urban Tea Merchant for afternoon tea. Choose from British or Japanese inspired tea service. There's even a "Mad Hatter's Children's Afternoon Tea" for kids 12 and under! more


Address 1480 W. 11th Ave, Vancouver, Canada Map, Tel (604) 736-6664 Call, Website

This Indian/fusion restaurant ranks high on the list of reasons I head to Vancouver repeatedly. The food is creative and updated while maintaining a deep respect for traditional Indian ingredients and cooking techniques. Dishes like Garam Masala curried chicken liver pate, Duck breast and brown basmati rice pilaf in garlic and fenugreek seed curry and Wine marinated lamb popsicles in fenugreek cream curry will make you glad you waited for a table. Ginger lovers should not miss the ginger lemon drink. The environment is hip, and with Vancouver becoming a popular city for movie shoots, you never know who you'll see dining there. Dinner only. Reservations not accepted. more

Vij's Rangoli

Address 1480 W. 11th Ave, Vancouver, Canada Map, Tel (604) 736-6664 Call, Hours 11am-8pm daily, Notes Outdoor seating available, refrigerated and frozen takeaway also available Website

Can't wait for Vij's? Only in town for lunch? Want to bring young kids along? Want to take some of that delicious Vij's experience home with you? Open from 11am to 8pm next door to Vij's, this casual spot has frozen entrees and starters to go as well as a selection of casual dishes you can eat on the spot. The food is every bit as excellent (if more casual) as the offerings at Vij's next door. Don't miss Vij's excellent candies with cardamom. more

Yaas Bazaar

Address 1860 Londsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7M2J9 Map, Tel Tel: (604) 990-9006 Call,

Half market, half cafeteria, the bustling Yaas Bazaar is a good choice if you would like to try Persian food and have kids in tow. Kabobs are cooked fresh to order while stews are available from a steam table (here's one food that tastes better after being kept warm all day instead of worse). A picture menu makes ordering easy, and we recommend that you try the ground meat kabob (koobideh) and one or more of the savory stews. House made dough (a sour yogurt based drink) is a nice accompaniment as are the salads. more

Yew at the Four Seasons

Address 791 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, Canada V6C 2T4 Map, Tel 1 (604) 692-4939 Call, Website

It might seem unimaginable, but one of Vancouver's hottest new restaurants also has a kids menu! Yew, the Four Season's new destination restaurant features seafood and meat from the Pacific Northwest. It's all excellent, but it's the Fried Chicken (served only on Fridays) that caught my fancy. The chicken is sous vide overnight and then breaded and fried, making the meat impossibly juicy and tender, and the crust perfectly crunchy. For kids, there's pizza (watch out for the pepperoni which may be too spicy for some), hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, noodles, and many other choices, with most kids items priced at $6. more

Reader Favorites

Little Nest

Address 1716 Charles Street, Vancouver, BC V5L 2T5, Canad Map, Tel (604) 251-9994 Call, Website

Little Nest bills itself as a "parent friendly cafe." The cafe emphasizes healthy fresh ingredients and the menu includes kids items. There is a mini kitchen for kids to play in while they wait for their food. more

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co

Address 1876 W 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC Map, Tel 1 604 730 0321 Call, Website

They have a children's play area and are very family friendly. more