Returning Home

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Now that you’re back home, you still have a little work to do…

Consider arranging to have groceries delivered to your home on the day of arrival. You have enough to do without running to the store to pick up needed items like milk, fresh bread, and fresh fruit.

It’s time to get the kids back on routine. They may resist for a few days, remembering all the special experiences and treats they had on vacation, but talk to them about how you always have the same routine at home. In our family the hardest part of the adjustment is getting back to our normal sleep routines and schedules. Be persistent, and your kids will naturally return to their normal routies.

Help the kids document their trip. Even a one year old will enjoy flipping through pictures of the trip. Here are some fun ideas for different ages.

  • For toddlers, create and ABC or counting book using photos from the trip
  • Preschoolers will enjoy making a book of photos and may be able to dictate stories to go with each one
  • Have school age children select some of their favorite photos and write a story that connects them (or a description each picture) according to their abilities.
  • If you keep your computer on, use the photo screensaver and make sure to include your travel photos
  • Looking through travel photos and remembering what happened makes a great rainy day activity for any age child.
  • Did you come home with lots of video? lets you upload a short video and mails you a flipbook of it. We've created these ourselves and they're both inexpensive and lots of fun.
  • Buy an inexpensive map or globe for your child and let them use stickers to keep track of all the places they've been.

You can have books printed on websites like Shutterfly or Kodak


  1. Gal on April 4, 2015 at 8:28 a.m.

    All great tips!
    We are planning a trip to Europe with our 4 years old (first time for him) and then will return to a different state (aka moving to a new place). Would that cause a lot of stress to our little one?I am excited,but also anxious at the same time!

  2. Debbie on April 19, 2015 at 9:24 p.m.

    Gal, Yes, that does sound like a lot to take in at once, mostly because of the move. There are lots of books and other resources about helping a young child with a move, and I hope you'll take advantage of them.

    Good luck!