Emergency Contact List

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Bring all the information you will need in case of emergency with you. I keep a document on my computer that I can fill in each time I travel. It’s extra work to set this up the first time, but after that it’s easy (and you can leave the same document with a babysitter back home).

What To List

  • Name, address and phone number of a children’s hospital or English speaking (American or British) hospital at your destination.
  • Emergency numbers at your destination for fire, medical and police (available in most travel guidebooks)
  • Contact information for your child’s doctor at home
  • Contact information for family or close friends at home
  • Emergency contact information for your nanny or anyone else you are traveling with
  • Copies of any medical or immunization records that you might need, including allergy information. If you are pregnant, you may also need written permission to fly from your doctor.
  • Your insurance information, including company name, policy number, and a contact phone number. It is also helpful to know your what services your insurance covers when you are traveling.

Packing Your Emergency Contact Sheet
Ideally you should carry your Emergency Contact Sheet with you wherever you go (especially if a member of your family has severe allergies or a complicated medical history). Some families store detailed records on a USB drive that they mark "ICE" (in case of emergency) and then carry a shorter printed document. We carry just the printed document, and I store it in an inexpensive waterproof "envelope" that I picked up in REI's Kayak department.

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