Ancient Rome with Kids (Colosseum and Forum), Rome, Italy

Spend a half-day with the kids exploring the ancient ruins of Rome, and then visit a playground for a picnic lunch. We recommend bringing along your own lunch on this itinerary as the dining options close to the Colosseum are crowded, expensive, and touristy (and not particularly convenient)

This itinerary is best suited to morning to avoid the heat of the day and crowds.

Roman Forum (Foro Romano)

Address Foro Romano, Roma Map, Tel 06/6990110 Call, Entrance Via dei Fori Imperiali and Piazza del Colosseum, Cost Free, Hours Mon-Sat 9-2 hours before sunset; Sun 9-1

Arrive early in the day to avoid heat and crowds, and come prepared for lots of sun. The Forum, unlike the Colosseum is mostly in ruins and it might be difficult for kids to imagine what it was like. If you're concerned that a trek through the ruins themselves might cause a meltdown, you can get a great view from behind the Capitoline Museums more

Colosseum (Colosseo)

Address Colosseo, Roma Map, Tel 06/7004261 Call, Hours Mon-Sat 9-2 hours before sunset; Sun 9-1

The Colosseum is arguably the top tourist site in Rome for kids and adults alike. The excellently preserved ruins make it easy for kids to imagine gladiators, lions, and chariots. Pay special attention to the labyrinth of tunnels where the gladiators and animals waited to enter the colosseum and the system of ramps and trap doors that provided access to the arena. more

Piazza Celimontana Playground

Address Piazza Celimontana, Rome Map,

Take a break after your visit to the Colosseum at this large playground. There are climbing structures and swings as well as a bit of shade. more