Historic Rome and Italian Life with Kids, Rome, Italy

Spend a half-day with the kids exploring the historic old city and take part in city life by enjoying the piazzas, the food, and the weather. This itinerary is great for morning or afternoon. The piazzas allow the kids some time to run free in between sites, and you can expect to snack along the route.


Address pantheon, rome Map, Tel 06/68300230 Call, Hours Mon-Sat 9-6:30

The Pantheon, designed around 120 AD is beautiful in its symmetry. The diameter of the dome is equal to the height of the walls. Kids will be fascinated by the open "window" hole at the top of the dome (and the holes in the marble floor designed to allow the rain that comes in through the hole to flow out). more


Address Via della Palombella, 22, Rome Map, Tel 06. 683 01975 Call,

This sweet little shop behind the Pantheon is crammed with adorable clothing for babies and toddlers made in Italy and France. Prices are reasonable compared to the high-fashion kids clothing stores near Via Condotti, especially when there is a sale, but still high by US standards. more

Città del Sole

Address Via Della Scrofa, 65, Roma Map, Tel 39 06 68803805 Call, Website

Citta Del Sole is our favorite toy store in Rome. Featuring a nice selection of well-made European toys and books, this is the place to splurge on one or two special items to take home. We found some great books, cute puppets and costumes, and much more. more

Piazza Navona

Address Piazza Navona, Rome Map,

This famous 17th-century piazza is always teeming with activity. There are street performers, live music, and lots of people. There's also a beautiful fountain that toddlers will love. more

Campo Dei Fiori

Address Piazza Campo Dei Fiori, Roma Map, Hours Mon-Sat 8-1

This bustling outdoor food market is best visited in the morning. Your kids will be doted on, and may even be given gifts of fruit! They'll have the opportunity to see produce we don't usually see in the States (zucchini blossoms in the spring, different varieties of berries, and imported asian fruits). In the afternoon, the market clears out and there is plenty of room to run or kick a ball. more

Forno Campo De Fiori (Bakery & Pizza)

Address Campo De' Fiori, 22, Roma Map, Tel 39 06.68806662 Call, Website

The takeaway Pizza Bianca at the Forno Campo de Fiori is among the best in town, and all of their pasteries are excellent.

Our son was treated like royalty here, and given a piece of pizza to chew on as soon as he walked through the door while the rest of us waited our turn in line. more

Antico Forno Roscioli

Address Via dei Giubbonari 21/22, Roma Map, Tel 06/6875287 Call, Website

Antico Forno Roscioli has one of the best cheese and meat cases in town. This is the perfect place to pick up takeaway items (or splurge on bottle of wine or one of the lovely jars of jam, truffles, olive oil or balsamic vinegar to take home. The restaurant is too fancy for kids, but if you're desparate for some upscale typical Roman dishes, the'll happily pack up a meal in to go containers for you. more

Alfredo e Ada

Address Via dei Banchi Nuovi 14, Rome Map, Tel 06/6878842 Call, location near San Pietro

Eating dinner here is like getting to going to an Italian friend's grandmother's house. Kids are doted on, and they'll be comfortable in the homey, bustling atmosphere. Ada (the owner) will make you feel right at home in this small and often crowded restaurant. more