Activities in Rome

Campo Dei Fiori

Address Piazza Campo Dei Fiori, Roma Map, Hours Mon-Sat 8-1

This bustling outdoor food market is best visited in the morning. Your kids will be doted on, and may even be given gifts of fruit! They'll have the opportunity to see produce we don't usually see in the States (zucchini blossoms in the spring, different varieties of berries, and imported asian fruits). In the afternoon, the market clears out and there is plenty of room to run or kick a ball. more

Cavalieri Hilton Swimming Pool

Address Via Cadlolo 101, Rome Map, Tel 06/35091 Call, Website

If you need to beat the afternoon heat, the Cavalieri Hilton Swimming pool is the place to do it. There is a kids pool and a grownup spa as well as beautiful views and a luxurious spa. The price tag for visiting as a non-guest isn't cheap, but if you're hot and everyone needs a break from the demands of Romes tourist sites, this is a great place to get away from it all. more

Colosseum (Colosseo)

Address Colosseo, Roma Map, Tel 06/7004261 Call, Hours Mon-Sat 9-2 hours before sunset; Sun 9-1

The Colosseum is arguably the top tourist site in Rome for kids and adults alike. The excellently preserved ruins make it easy for kids to imagine gladiators, lions, and chariots. Pay special attention to the labyrinth of tunnels where the gladiators and animals waited to enter the colosseum and the system of ramps and trap doors that provided access to the arena. more

Explora Children's Museum

Address Via Flaminia 82, Rome Map, Hours Visits have a timed stop and start. Check the website for details and book in advance., Cost Children 3-12 7,00 Euros; Adults 6,00 Euros Website

The relatively new Explora Children's museum is a rarity in Italy... a place designed specifically for kids. This hands on museum has a miniature grocery store, a bus that kids can "drive" and more, making it a great place to play during the hottest part of the day. more


Address pantheon, rome Map, Tel 06/68300230 Call, Hours Mon-Sat 9-6:30

The Pantheon, designed around 120 AD is beautiful in its symmetry. The diameter of the dome is equal to the height of the walls. Kids will be fascinated by the open "window" hole at the top of the dome (and the holes in the marble floor designed to allow the rain that comes in through the hole to flow out). more

Piazza Celimontana Playground

Address Piazza Celimontana, Rome Map,

Take a break after your visit to the Colosseum at this large playground. There are climbing structures and swings as well as a bit of shade. more

Piazza Navona

Address Piazza Navona, Rome Map,

This famous 17th-century piazza is always teeming with activity. There are street performers, live music, and lots of people. There's also a beautiful fountain that toddlers will love. more

Roman Forum (Foro Romano)

Address Foro Romano, Roma Map, Tel 06/6990110 Call, Entrance Via dei Fori Imperiali and Piazza del Colosseum, Cost Free, Hours Mon-Sat 9-2 hours before sunset; Sun 9-1

Arrive early in the day to avoid heat and crowds, and come prepared for lots of sun. The Forum, unlike the Colosseum is mostly in ruins and it might be difficult for kids to imagine what it was like. If you're concerned that a trek through the ruins themselves might cause a meltdown, you can get a great view from behind the Capitoline Museums more

Sinagoga Roma (Synagogue)

Address Lungotevere Cenci, Rome Map, Tel 06/6840061 Call, Hours Mon-Thurs, 9-5; Fri 9-2; Sun 9:30-12:30

This off-the-beaten-path landmark (and the Jewish Ghetto surrounding it) hold lots of great lessons for older kids. The Jews of Rome have chosen to live in a place where they'll always be markedly different than the mainstream Catholic culture. They've suffered at the hands of various rulers, during world war two, and more recently in a synagogue bombing in 1982. Somehow, though, they continue to live in the neighborhood that they, their parents, and their grandparents have always lived in and to continue their traditions. more

The Janiculum Hill

Address Piazza Garibaldi, Rome Map, Transportation 115 bus

The Janiculum Hill, one of the seven hills of rome, provides views over the entire city. more


Address vatican, italy Map, Website

No trip to Rome is complete without a visit to the Vatican. For young very young kids, the marble floors, not the high ceilings, are the draw. Don't be afraid to let them get kneel down to take a closer look. Kids might also enjoy rubbing the foot of the bronze St Peter's statue. more

Villa Borghese Park

Address Piazzale Borghese Scipione, 5, 00197 Roma (RM), Italy Map, Tel 39 06 8548577 Call, Cost Adults 12,50; Children 6,00 Website

This 148-acre park is the second largest in Rome, and one of the few green spaces easily accessible from the city center. Filled with statues and fountains, the park also includes a merry-go-round, a mini train, a zoo, a puppet theatre, and a small lake with swans and boats. Our favorite way to visit the park is to rent a multi-person bicycle (seating as many as six people) from one of the stands stationed throughout the park. more

Reader Favorites

A casa Boschi b&B

Address via premuda, 3, Rome, Italy Map, Tel +39-328-7110461 Call, Website

in this small bed and breakfast, we found a family room (4 pax),prices were cheap, we had a bathroom with shower inside the suite, baby coat on request, and some many suggestions for babies, because the owner has a baby so we spoke a lot about Rome and all cool places where to go that were baby-friendly!! breakfast were very good! and kitchen was just for guests! more

Colosseum Family Tours

Address Via Tunisi, 1, 00192 Roma, Italy Map, Tel 1-800-358-1942 Call, Website

It was created by a childhood education specialist for children who are 7 to 12 years old. We've done our best to make it both educational and fun for the entire family. more

Gymboree in Rome (near piazza Navona)

Address Arco della Pace, 5, Rome, Italy Map, Tel +39 328 236 7506 Call, Website

Looking to give your little one and yourself a break after hours of visiting beautiful Rome? Gymboree art and music classes for 0 - 5 year olds have now reached Rome too and they are delivered in English! In the centre the classes are held in the amazing setting of the Chiostro del Bramante just behind piazza Navona. A bookshop with plenty of children books, a large internal courtyard, a cafe away from the streets and lots of shade help make this place a perfect choice to stop and recharge your batteries. Where else could you find toddler activities in a place surrounded by the wonders of the Renaissance but in Rome! more

Rome Private Guides

Address Largo Ignazio Jacometti, 4 00191 Rome - Italy Map, Tel +39 0645550626 Call, Website

The place specialises in giving great tours to families. more


Address via tuscolana, roma Map, Tel +39 3929635061 Call, Website

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