Restaurants in Rome

Alfredo e Ada

Address Via dei Banchi Nuovi 14, Rome Map, Tel 06/6878842 Call, location near San Pietro

Eating dinner here is like getting to going to an Italian friend's grandmother's house. Kids are doted on, and they'll be comfortable in the homey, bustling atmosphere. Ada (the owner) will make you feel right at home in this small and often crowded restaurant. more

Antico Forno Roscioli

Address Via dei Giubbonari 21/22, Roma Map, Tel 06/6875287 Call, Website

Antico Forno Roscioli has one of the best cheese and meat cases in town. This is the perfect place to pick up takeaway items (or splurge on bottle of wine or one of the lovely jars of jam, truffles, olive oil or balsamic vinegar to take home. The restaurant is too fancy for kids, but if you're desparate for some upscale typical Roman dishes, the'll happily pack up a meal in to go containers for you. more

Forno Campo De Fiori (Bakery & Pizza)

Address Campo De' Fiori, 22, Roma Map, Tel 39 06.68806662 Call, Website

The takeaway Pizza Bianca at the Forno Campo de Fiori is among the best in town, and all of their pasteries are excellent.

Our son was treated like royalty here, and given a piece of pizza to chew on as soon as he walked through the door while the rest of us waited our turn in line. more

Forno del Ghetto (Burnt Bakery)

Address Via del Portico d'Ottavia 1 Map, Tel 06/6878637 Call, Hours Closed Friday at sundown and Saturdays.

This small bakery in the heart of the Jewish Ghetto (near the synagogue) has no sign and no tables. You'll recognize it by the crowd spilling out the door and the slightly burnt pastries in the display case. Everything is a little bit burnt, which caramelizes the sugars just enough to give the pastries a rich, deep taste. Ricotta cake with sour-cherry or chocolate are special favorites, and the biscotti is delicious, but choose whatever strikes your fancy -- it's all wonderful. more


Address Via Uffici del Vicario 40, Rome Map, Tel 39 06 699 12 43 Call, Website

Giolitti is one of the most famous gelato shops in Rome for a reason. The gelato is impossibly creamy, there are a wide variety of flavours, and there is great people watching. Brave the crowds inside to order a cone for takeaway (order first and pay on the way out), or sit at one of the pleasant tables outside and enjoy one of Giolitti’s fancy ice cream creations while watching everyone pass by. more

Home Food


Home Food is an association dedicated to preserving traditional Italian home cooking. Locals open their doors to a limited number of visitors for home cooked dinners based on local ingredients and traditional recipes. There are also a limited number of cooking classes (also in homes). Your host might not speak English, but there is usually someone in the dinner group who can bridge the gap, and you'll learn a ton about the food, ingredients, and where to dine around town! more

Pizzeria Ai Marmi

Address Viale Trastevere, 53-59, Roma Map, Tel 06 580 09 19 Call, Location just north of Piazza Mastai, near the cinema and the McDonalds

Authentic Italian food is super kid friendly, which makes it easy for parents to eat at local favorites like Pizzeria Ai Marmi. Italian foodies think this is the best sit down pizzaria in the city, and you'll find it jam packed. Look for the sign saying "Pizzeria" and the stony marble tables inside. Seating is cafeteria-style. Everything is delicious! more