Colosseum (Colosseo), Rome

Address Colosseo, Roma Map, Tel 06/7004261 Call, Hours Mon-Sat 9-2 hours before sunset; Sun 9-1

The Colosseum is arguably the top tourist site in Rome for kids and adults alike. The excellently preserved ruins make it easy for kids to imagine gladiators, lions, and chariots. Pay special attention to the labyrinth of tunnels where the gladiators and animals waited to enter the colosseum and the system of ramps and trap doors that provided access to the arena.

Arrive early in the day to avoid heat and crowds, and come prepared for lots of sun.

Consider whether a Roma Archaeologia Card might meet your needs. The card is a 7 days Ticket valid for 1 entrance for each of the following museums: Colosseum - Palatinum Museum - Palazzo Altemps - Palazzo Massimo - Terme di Diocleziano - Crypta Balbi - Terme di Caracalla - Cecilia Metella - Villa dei Quintili. Once purchased, you can skip the lines at the other museums. You can purchase the card online or at any of the nine sites, and we recommend buying it before you tackle the long lines at the Colosseum.

Ancient Rome: Monuments Past and Present makes it easy for kids and adults to picture what the Roman monuments looked like in their original glory with pictures of today's ruins and artist's renderings of what the monuments must have looked like.