Forno Campo De Fiori (Bakery & Pizza), Rome

Address Campo De' Fiori, 22, Roma Map, Tel 39 06.68806662 Call, Website

The takeaway Pizza Bianca at the Forno Campo de Fiori is among the best in town, and all of their pasteries are excellent.

Our son was treated like royalty here, and given a piece of pizza to chew on as soon as he walked through the door while the rest of us waited our turn in line.

A daily ritual for us was to pick up a few slices, watch the bakers in action through big glass windows, and then sit in the market and take in all the colors and sounds. Some days, we’d even bring along an inflatable ball to kick around in the square.

The sister shop next door sells sandwiches for takeaway making it an excellent place to pick up the makings for a picnic.