Restaurants in Napa Valley

Alexis Baking Company

Address 1517 Third Street, Napa CA Map, Tel 707-258-1827 Call, Website

Alexis Baking Company is the "go to" spot in town for breakfast. The restaurant features both to go pastries as well as warm dishes. Seating is casual, and service is a bit spotty. more

Bouchon Bakery

Address 6528 Washington Street, Yountville, California 94599 Map, Tel 707.944.2253 Call, Open Daily 7am to 7pm Website

Thomas Keller is known as one of the top chefs in the United States, and people travel across the country to eat at his high-end restaurants. The French Laundry might seem inaccessible if you are traveling with kids, but the casual Bouchon Bakery (which provides bread and pastry to all both Bouchon bistro and the French Laundry) makes a great choice. In addition to amazing baked goods, you'll find a selection of sandwiches and salads that feature the high end ingredients and careful preparation you would expect. There is no indoor seating, but patio seating makes this a lovely place to dine with children on a sunny day. more

Buster's Southern BBQ & Bakery

Address 1207 Foothill Blvd, Calistoga, CA 94515 Map, Tel (707) 942-5605 Call, Website

This certainly isn't your typical "wine country" meal, but if you want to feed the whole family something everyone will enjoy in a very relaxed environment, this is a great choice. The location, close to the Old Faithful Geyser makes this a good lunch choice. The barbecue here is juicy and highly flavored, and portions are generous. If your kids aren't barbecue eaters, there are also hot dogs and excellent corn bread. more

Sift: a Cupcakery

Address 1000 Main Street, Napa, CA 94559 Map, Tel (707) 240-4004 Call, Website

Sift Cupcakes makes a great spot to stop in when your kids have had it with watching you taste wine and cheese. There are a wide variety of flavors, and each one is intricately decorated. At $2.75 each these cupcakes won't break the bank, but a stop in the neighboring "Cake Plate" for a women's fashion fix just might... more

The Little Gourmet

Address 1040 Main Street, Napa, CA 94559 Map, Tel (707) 257-7700 Call, Website

The Little Gourmet bills itself as a "kid's restaurant that is grown up friendly," and that is pretty accurate. The kids menu features fun twist of traditional kids items, each made with fresh, healthy ingredients and carefully presented to make them more fun to eat. For example, fishsticks are remade as "Salmon Funny Fingers," complete with almond fingernails and a mashed potato palm. That's just creepy enough to be fun! The chef/owner is very accommodating of special requests and picky eaters. The Grown up menu features items like fresh fish, beef short ribs, and other items you would usually see on a fancier dinner menu. Each is well executed. more


Address 829 Main St, Napa, CA 94559 Map, Tel (707) 224-8555 Call, Website

This casual tapas restaurant is bustling enough that a little bit of toddler noise won't be noticed. There is no kids menu, but we find that our kids do well with Paella, Bacalao fritters, olives and Spanish Tortilla. Every dish here is very nicely done, and this is a chance to eat a type of food that is not well represented in many areas. more