The Little Gourmet, Napa Valley

Address 1040 Main Street, Napa, CA 94559 Map, Tel (707) 257-7700 Call, Website

The Little Gourmet bills itself as a "kid's restaurant that is grown up friendly," and that is pretty accurate. The kids menu features fun twist of traditional kids items, each made with fresh, healthy ingredients and carefully presented to make them more fun to eat. For example, fishsticks are remade as "Salmon Funny Fingers," complete with almond fingernails and a mashed potato palm. That's just creepy enough to be fun! The chef/owner is very accommodating of special requests and picky eaters. The Grown up menu features items like fresh fish, beef short ribs, and other items you would usually see on a fancier dinner menu. Each is well executed.

Though there is no playspace, there are a wide variety of toys for kids to bring to the table and enjoy

Napa is a gourmet destination, and you can certainly seek out a finer meal, but The Little Gourmet does a great job of accommodating everyone in the family well.

Little Gourmet Restaurant in Napa
Little Gourmet Restaurant in Napa