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Recommended by Erin Friedman

Children's Museum of Indianapolis, Indianapolis

Address 3000 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46208 Map, Tel 317-334-3322 Call, Website

Aside from the obvious (it's a museum! for kids!) there are lots of small details that make this place super family-friendly. There are attractions for all-ages (we could have spent all day in "playscapes" with our 14-month-old but our friends' older kids needed to see some things too), a system of ramps connecting floors inside the museum and inside the parking garages (so no long waits for elevator rides with strollers) and a covered bridge between parking and the museum itself. The cafeteria had plenty of high chairs and booster seats, a couple of lines dedicated especially to kids (one of which was especially for toddlers, containing bite-sized portions of all of the adult foods including fresh fruits & veggies, protein, etc), and items for those with allergies. We were surprised to see single-serving containers of soy milk; traveling with a milk allergic toddler usually requires us to pack all of his food ahead of time.