Downtown Bellingham With Kids, Bellingham, Washington

Bellingham's easily walkable downtown core makes it a good destination with kids.

American Museum of Radio and Electricity

Address 1312 Bay Street, Bellingham, WA 98225-4322 Map, Tel (360) 738-3886 Call, Website

The Radio and Electricity museum is obviously run by enthusiasts, and what it lacks in polish is made up by the welcoming staff. The staff is happy to give demonstrations of items in the collection if you ask. The small hands-on area for kids has some interesting experiments to help them learn about electricity, but we found that they were just as enthusiastic about seeing demonstrations of the player piano, gramophone and other antiques. more

Bellingham Railway Museum

Address 1320 Commercial Street, Bellingham, WA 98225-4308 Map, Tel (360) 393-7540 Call, Website

The Bellingham Railway Museum, run by local enthusiasts, has a detailed G gauge layout built by its members. That's fun to watch, but what really makes this museum a slam dunk for kids is a lionel model railroad that can be run by kids of all ages through a simple push-button system. Our kids loved having an opportunity to run the trains themselves instead of just looking (as is so often the case at train museums) through a glass window. more

Rocket Donuts

Address 306 West Holly Street, Bellingham, WA 98225 Map, Tel (360) 671-6111 Call, Website

Rocket Donuts fresh home-made donuts make this a fun place to stop in for a snack while you are exploring downtown. more

La Fiamma Wood Fired Pizza

Address 200 E Chestnut St, Bellingham, WA 98225 Map, Tel (360) 647-0060 Call, Website

This casual pizza parlor has plenty of high chairs, a kids menu, and quick service. The pizza is good - with a wide variety of traditional and gourmet toppings. more


Address 210 West HollyBellingham, WA 98225 Map, Tel (360) 647-5614 Call,

Mindport is a little difficult to describe. Interactive exhibits blend art and science with the goal being to make you think about what's happening. Though the museum is inspired by hands on science museums like the Exploratorium in San Francisco, there's more emphasis on creativity and play here. more

Whatcom Museum's Family Interactive Gallery (FIG)

Address 250 Flora Street, Bellingham, WA 98225 Map, Tel 360/778-8930 Call, Website

The Whatcom museum's new Lightcatcher building hosts art-inspired activities for children amongst artworks from the museum's collection. more