Seattle's Capitol Hill With Kids, Seattle, Washington

The Capitol Hill neighborhood is one of the most fashionable neighborhoods for restaurants and nightlife. Its close in location, just east (and uphill) of downtown makes it an easy area to visit, and you'll be surprised at how much their is to do with kids in Capitol Hill.

Po Dogs

Address 1009 E Union St, Seattle, WA Map, Tel 206.325.6055 Call, Website

A whole restaurant just for hot dogs? Deep fried pickles? This is a fun place to visit with kids. It's casual yet fashionable, and there's a full lineup of hot-dog toppings including homemade pico de gallo, cheese sauce, sauteed onions and more. When my kids are feeling truly picky, Po Dogs is my best bet. more

Cupcake Royale - Capitol Hill

Address 1111 E. Pike Street, Seattle WA Map, Tel 206-328-6544 Call,

There's a lot of competition for the title of "best cupcake in Seattle," and Cupcake Royale is definitel one of the lead contenders. Here's what we like: Seasonal cupcakes change monthly, "baby cakes" are just the right size for young kids to enjoy without getting an overwhelming sugar high, and the company donates thousands of cupcakes to charity each year. This Capitol Hill location has an open kitchen where you can watch the cupcakes being frosted - that's way more entertaining than it sounds. more

Izilla Toys & Books

Address 1429 12th Ave, Seattle WA 98122 Map, Tel 206-322-8697 Call, Website

Izilla is the type of family owned, independent toy store that will make you wish they were all independently owned. Toys are carefully selected, and the country of manufacture is clearly signed. With brands like Haba, Selecta, Playmobil, Vilac, Lego and more, you'll get both excellent design and excellent quality. All the staff know the stock and make great gift recommendations. There's also play space for your kids while you shop, which should help cut down on the "gimmies" more

Boom Noodles

Address 1121 e pike street, seattle wa 98122 Map, Tel 206.701.9130 Call, Website

This upscale, fashionable noodle shop (think ramen, soba, and yakisoba with a modern twist) is a great choice for both kids and adults. Seating is at long communal tables and kids meals are served in bento boxes (which makes eating them much more fun). Stop by Izilla toys (next door) before your meal and pick up a small toy to keep your child busy and well behaved during your meal. more

Pike Street Fish Fry

Address 925 East Pike Street, Seattle, WA Map, Tel 206-329-PIKE Call, Website

True, the seating here, which is mostly at bar-height tables, isn't as kid-friendly as I wish it was, but the fish and chips are mouthwatering, fresh, and inexpensive. Plus, there are fries. Can you think of a more suitable meal to feed a young child visiting Seattle? more

Cal Anderson Park

Address Cal Anderson Park, Seattle, WA Map, Website

This vibrant city park has a nice playground and there's always some sort of sporting event going on. This is the perfect location to run around after exploring Capitol Hill more

Flora and Henri

Address 919 East Pine St, Seattle, WA 98102 Map, Tel (206) 325-5520 Call, Website

I visit this shop mostly to dream about dressing my kids in the perfectly tailored dresses and sweaters, but perhaps if your children are neater than mine, or you're headed to an important event, you might actually take something home. This is a local shop, and the owner takes special care in making sure that the materials and labor are fairly produced. If you're inclined to bring home a special outfit from Seattle, Flora and Henri would be a great choice. more

Elliott Bay Book Company

Address 1521 Tenth Avenue, Seattle WA 98122 Map, Tel (206) 624-6600 Call, Website

Independent bookstores across the US may be struggling, but you'd never know it at the bustling Elliott Bay Book Company. In addition to what you'd find at a mall store, there's also a great selection of graphic novels, a wonderful kids section (complete with a castle to cozy up and read in) and a much loved cafe. Stop in and refresh your reading material with some books from the local authors section or some kids books about the Pacific Northwest! more

Molly Moon's

Address 917 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122 Map, Tel 206-708-7947 Call, Website

Molly Moon is among Seattle's favorite ice cream shops. It uses locally sourced ingredients to make flavors like honey lavender, salted caramel, and balsamic strawberry. Don't worry, there's always plain old chocolate and vanilla too, plus homemade waffle cones and tons of topping choices. On hot days, expect to find a line out the door and limited seating inside. more