Restaurants in Sevilla (Seville)

Bar Campanario

Address Mateos Gago, 8, Sevilla, Spain Map, Tel 34-95 456 4189 Call,

This somewhat modern looking tapas restaurant has a selection of small tapas size pizzas as well as Spanish potato salad. Both likely to be popular with kids. For grownups, there's an extensive menu including some of the best gazpacho in town and excellent sangria. Dining on the small terrace will enable your kids to run a little while they wait for their food. more

Bodega Santa Cruz (Las Columnas)

Address c/ Rodrigo Caro 2, Sevilla Map,

This traditional tapas restaurant is one of the most popular in town among locals. In addition to all the standard tapas, there are small sandwiches (montaditos) and paella. If you haven't tried it already, queso macheco (a savory Spanish cheese) is a good choice for the kids. There are just a few tables inside, and they can be difficult to get, but there are also tiny stand-up tables out front... a good option if your kids are tired of sitting still. Service is speedy. more

El Rinconcillo

Address C/ Gerona 42, 41003 Sevilla, Spain Map, Tel 954-223-183 Call, Hours daily 1pm-1:30am Website

This traditional tapas bar is the oldest in the city, and it has stayed popular for a reason! Great food. Ithas both tables and a bar area where kids can stand if they have trouble sitting still. Good choices for kids include pavia de bacalao (salt-cod in batter) and tortilla Espanola. There is also a nice selection of "revueltos," a traditional hearty scrambled egg dish. more

La Cosa Nostra

Address Betis, 52, Sevilla, Spain Map, Tel 95 427-0752 Call, Website

This napolitan style pizza place has excellent spaghetti and pizza as well as a nonsmoking dining room. more