Cable Car Ride, San Francisco

Address 99 Powell St, San Francisco, CA Map, Tickets From a conductor or at the turnaround, Cost Adult & Youth (ages 5-17): $3.00 each way; Under 4 Free Website

The cable cars are worth riding, at least once (and parents with toddlers will probably ride them over and over). Of the three routes, Powell-Hyde (to Aquatic Park) and Powell-Mason (to Fisherman's Wharf) are the most scenic, and the easiest to catch from downtown.

Board at the beginning of the circuit, or hail the car at a stop marked with a brown-and-white sign. Wait for the car to come to a complete stop before boarding. Children must ride on the inside.

Even if you don't have time for a ride, kids love to watch the cable cars turn around at the end of the line (marked on the map)


  1. gala miller on March 7, 2010 at 9:57 p.m.

    We are going to be traveling there soon does it have any stops by attractions and what are the times it runs.

  2. Debbie on March 7, 2010 at 10:07 p.m.

    You can find a route map here: