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Recommended by Martha Connor

Delhi Heights, New York City

Address 37-66 74th St., Jackson Heights, NY 11372 Map, Tel 718-507-1111 Call, Website

This is a great Indian restaurant in Jackson Heights, Queens -- a 'hood where all NYC goes for great ethnic food. In fact, right outside the restaurant, on 74th street, all the stores are filled with purely Indian wares. Many people in saris, turbans, and other Indian clothes. Feels like you've stepped into another country.

Delhi Heights is a roomy, sophisticated-looking restaurant but the vibe is relaxed and never crowded. I live nearby and my kid has been there tons starting at 6 mos. She gets a bit loud at times, and drops a lot on the floor and the staff is so gracious about it. The owner seems to really like kids. So I never feel like my child is making anyone annoyed. They also have hammered copper cups they serve water in that my daughter adores because they are bumpy and they get ice cold from the water. DH is super easy to get to from the 7, R, M, F, and E trains & it's right next to the subway stop. Def worth the trip for authentic Indian with your family in a cool 'hood.