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Recommended by Lisa Lundgren

Powell's Book Store, Portland

Address 1005 W Burnside 97209 Map, Tel 503-228-4651 Call, Website

Powell's has been one of my favorite Portland destinations since long before I had children. The huge bookstore has a diverse collection of new, used, and out of print books. The children's section is no exception, and this is a wonderful place to pick up unusual books on a topic your chid is particularly interested in. Small tables in the children's section provide a spot to read when your child needs a little break from sightseeing and the staff is welcoming and helpful if you are looking for something unusual.

Lisa says:

Yes, yes... technically this is a STORE, but if you've never been, you are in for a TREAT. This is the mother, the absolute MOTHER, of all bookstores. It's an entire city block of books. Now, you might think that sounds intimidating, but fear not. Powells can be visited (and enjoyed) by a parent traveling alone. What you need is a love of books. They have a great children's section that make for some good story time. Not to be missed!!