Back to San Juan, Puerto Rico with Kids

San Juan is a relatively easy destination with children. In addition to the beach, there are some fun attractions, and locals are exceedingly friendly to kids!

Eating and Drinking
Water is safe to drink in San Juan, which means that you can also rely on fresh fruits and vegetables to be safe in busy restaurants.

Tosones, which are squished fried plantains, are a great choice for kids, and you'll find a wide variety of fried dishes on most Puerto Rican menus. Even when they don't have a kids menu, restaurant staff are often very friendly and accommodating to kids.

Kids will also enjoy eating shave ice, which can be found at streetside carts. The general standard of hygiene is good here, but it is wise to take a good look at the ice and the syrups to make sure they seem clean as germs can sometimes be introduced via roadside dirt or dust.

Diapers, Wipes, and Baby Food
Walgreens, which has several locations on the island, is a good place to stock up on your baby needs as well as any beach or pool gear that you might need. Stores also have a small grocery department that is perfect for picking up snacks or milk.