Book Review: Snow

Snow by Uri Shulevitz
Snow by Uri Shulevitz

We're headed up to Whistler soon for a ski vacation. It's a great excuse for me to dig out books about snow. My very favorite is Snow, by Uri Shulevitz.

For me, this book, in which grumpy adults assure an enthusiastic child that there will be "NO SNOW" (only to be proven wrong) perfectly captures the magic and wonder of those first snowflakes tumbling out of the sky and blanketing the world around you. The illustrations, which begin with just a single snowflake falling on the city, are mesmerizing, and this is one of those books that brings all three of my kids in close as soon as I open it up. Apparently they're not the only ones who love it, Snow was a 1998 New York Times Outstanding Book of the Year and a 1999 Caldecott Honor Book.

snowflakes keep coming and coming and coming
snowflakes keep coming and coming and coming
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