Photo Fridays

I have just added a new feature to DeliciousBaby Called "Photo Fridays." My hope is that sharing our photos once a week will be fun and easy, but also a great way for us to build a better sense of community among bloggers who like to travel.

What is Photo Friday? How do I participate?
Photo Friday is a blog post that links to travel photos all over the web on the website of anyone who chooses to join in. Here's how it works:

  1. On Friday you post a travel photo (must be G-rated) on your site. It is nice to also include a few sentences or a paragraph about what is happening in the photo, but it is not required.
  2. In your post, you link back here to my "Photo Friday" post so that your readers can find more travel photos.
  3. Enter your a link to your post (not the front page of your blog) in the "Mr. Linky" form at the bottom of my post (that will set things up so that I link back to you).
  4. Enter a three to four word description of your post in parenthesis after you put your name. Be descriptive and specific, this is what will entice people to click to your site and view your photo. For example:
    Debbie Dubrow (Paris Carousel)
You will be able to see everyone's submissions as links as they are entered.

Do I need to be a travel blogger? Does it need to be about kids?
No. Anyone is welcome to enter, the only requirement is that it be a G-rated travel photo.

Do I need to ask you first? No.

How do I upload a photo? How Do I link to you?
You can find answers to these questions in the "help" section of your blogging software

When I enter my link on Mr. Linky, I notice that it says "delete link" next to my name. What do I do?
If you click on "delete link" it will let you delete what you just posted. Nobody else can see it, just like you can't see the "delete link" next to my name.

When does "Photo Friday" begin? I will post no later than 12:01 PST each Friday

I reserve the right to delete any links that aren't "safe for work"

Here is a sample Mr Linky so that you can experiment before the first "Photo Friday"