Traveling With An Autistic Child

Traveling with a child who has an autism spectrum disorder presents a whole series of challenges that most parents just don't think about. Add to that the need to interact with so many strangers (including flight attendants other airline employees) who might not understand Autism, and travel can seem daunting. Here are some articles with helpful tips and advice:

Published Articles
USA Today: Flying can be a rough ride for autistic children, families
NY Times: Bypassing the Roadblocks of Autism
Taking the Kids When They Have Autism
Autism & Airport Travel Safety Tips (slow to load... be patient)

Blogs and Information From Other Parents
Traveling with an Autistic Child: Tips for Parents
Traveling With an Autistic Child: Tips for other Travelers
Traveling Tips for Families with and Autistic Child
One Mom's Tips: Air Travel with an Autistic Child
Taking Your Autistic Child to Walt Disney World

I want to thank Bonnie Sayers of the Autism Spectrum Disorders website who recommended many of these articles.

If you know of a great resource for parents traveling with and Autistic Child, please let me know in comments, and I will add it to this list