Last Day in Portland

Our last day in Portland!

My son wanted to ride in the stroller & check out the town & I wanted to shop. What a great combination! We stopped in at the Excellent Pearl Bakery (102 NW 9th St @ couch) to pick up some breakfast. Pearl is known as the best local bread bakery, but they also feature excellent sandwiches (including PB&J) and pastries)

We checked out the huge Hanna Andersson store (and their excellent 50% off sale) which has a great play area for kids (both a train and a gated area for small children). Next up was Henny Penny, a sweet little shop stocking European kids clothing with an adorable toddler play area (complete with kitchen and garage) and even snacks! Finally, we found ourselves at Posh Baby (long a favorite of mine online)

We discovered the excellent Jamison Square Park (10th and Johnson) wading pool & decided to return after nap when the weather would be warmer, but by now everyone was hungry and it was time for lunch.

We headed to Whole Foods Market (1210 NW Couch St) & choose something for everyone from the fabulous buffet and some fresh fruit and juice from the market. My son was delighted with their pizza, I got some fresh organic fruit and baby food for my daughter and there were plenty of high chairs and tables. Perfect. We even bought a snack for later.

During nap, I was able to visit the Portland Art Museum (which often has wonderful travelling exhibitions as well as a nice permanent collection)

The wading pool is fed by a large “waterfall” suitable for climbing on by even early walkers & is continuously emptied and filled. It was hugely fun & the best toddler wading area that I have ever seen. Posh Baby (along the edge of the square) sells swim diapers at a reasonable price. Also on the edge of the square is a great coffee shop (Featuring Stumptown coffee) with a children’s play area!

Back to Whole Foods for dinner and some snacks for the car. We got both of the kids into PJs in the Whole Foods bathroom before heading to the car & out of town.

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