Leaving tomorrow

We leave for Barcelona Tomorrow! I'd like to say that we're all packed and everything is done, but of course we're not. In a mad fit of energy today, I did a thousand things today, including many that had been languishing on my desk for months. I always have an incredible drive to leave things tidy so that I won’t be overwhelmed when I return home.

E was really sad when we picked him up from preschool today, going so far as to go back inside the classroom leaving P outside, and close the door behind him. (This from a kid who up until a few days ago thought we might drop him off at school forever.) He said he wanted to stay and play with the toys some more.

We know E’s been hearing about how he won’t see his teachers and classmates for a few weeks, and it’s hard for him, even at 2 ½ to let go of those newly forged relationships. Even so, he was all atwitter when a guidebook for Sevilla showed up in the mail this afternoon giving him the opportunity to look at even more pictures of Spain. I know that once we’re on our way, his incredible spirit for adventure will take over and he’ll have a blast.

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