Sevilla Walking Tour and a Horse Drawn Carraige

We started the day with a guided walking tour of the old part of Sevilla. The tour began in the commercial district, and ended up in the Barrio de Santa Cruz (the former Jewish ghetto and now a well preserved and exclusive historic neighborhood). We weren’t sure how we’d do on a tour with a baby and toddler in tow (or how the other participants would feel about the potentially noisy intrusion), but we figured that we could always duck out in the middle if things got out of hand.

The tour itself was great, and we’re glad we signed up. It moved quickly enough that the kids enjoyed exploring. Each of us had to duck out several times to attend to one or another of the kids, but we still felt that we saw and learned things that we wouldn’t have on our own.

In the evening (after naps) we took the kids out for a horse drawn carriage ride around the city. This is the sort of thing that I would have mocked in my pre-child life, and P has never been comfortable with making animals work for our leisure. It was pricy, not necessarily Sevillan, and …. absolutely wonderful. After a hot sticky day, a cool ride in an open carriage was just what the doctor ordered. The ride gave us an opportunity to see everything at its most beautiful, just as the sun was setting. We would have never managed a peaceful sunset walk with the kids in tow. We rode past the Cathedral and Alcazar, the Plaza de Espana, and to the Maria Luisa Park and back. The kids were delighted, especially when the horse stopped to take a long drink from a fountain, and didn’t get fidgety until the end of the 45 minute ride (though baby D had to play with mom's sunglasses, purse, and everything else in sight on the ride). Afterwards, we picked up a few dinner items from the restaurant downstairs from our vacation rental and fed the kids before putting them to bed.

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