Book Review: Airport by Byron Barton

I love reading to my kids, and part of what keeps it fun for me (especially after the 200th reading) is finding books that I think are interesting and engaging too. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite travel related books here.

This book is from my personal collection and I do not accept paid reviews. From time to time, I might choose to review a book that a publisher has offered me, but I will always let you know when that happens.

When E and D were younger, one of our favorite books to bring on Airplane rides was Airplanes, by Byron Barton. As they grew older, the simple pictures and story line were no longer engaging enough to warrent carrying the thick board book, and we discovered the more grown up version... Airport, also by Byron Barton.

Like Airplanes, the storyline is simple, and the pictures are bright and engaging. The book aims to show everything that kids might be curious about (though, sadly, it omits a picture of airport security). It starts with the journey to the airport in a bus or car, continues with baggage check, the waiting area and boarding, until finally the plane takes off. My kids are particularly fascinated by a cutaway picture of an airplane showing the cargo hold, fuel tanks, the gally and the cockpit. They also love pictures of the parts of the airport they normally don't see, like inside the cockpit or the inside the control tower. The sweetest thing, for me though, is that E has made up a tune to go along with this book. When I ask him to read it to D, he sits down next to her and turns the pages... singing each one.

This book would be a great choice to help a toddler prepare for a first airplane ride, or for a child who is fascinated by airplanes.

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  1. Leslie Evans on August 28, 2008 at 7:35 a.m.

    Byron Barton! LOL! My son LOOOOVED Byron Barton books when he was a tot. This post really made me smile. :-)