Passports With Purpose Raffle Prize: Ergo Hands Free Baby Carrier and IPod Shuffle

Together with Beth Whitman, Michelle Duffy, and Pam Mandel I've been working hard for the past few weeks on rounding up travelbloggers from around the world to participate in Passports With Purpose, a travelblogger driven fundraiser for Heifer International.

The final raffle prize list for Passports With Purpose is complete now, and I am astounded at the generosity of each blogger and their sponsors. I hope you'll take a moment to check out the full prize list at Passports With Purpose. There are some great prizes here! Raffle tickets cost just $10, and the proceeds go to Heifer International.

Why Heifer
Before I unveil my own prize, I want to tell you why Heifer is such an important organization. Heifer seeks to relieve poverty around the world, not by giving one-time assistance, but by providing needy families with animals that can sustain them for a lifetime. Even a small donation can make a huge difference in the lives of malnourished children. For example, $20 (the cost of two raffle tickets) can buy a flock of chicks whose eggs provide both food and income for a needy family.

DeliciousBaby's Prize: An Ergo Hands Free Baby Carrier + An IPod Mini
ERGObaby has generously provided a three piece "Hands Free System" that includes their ERGObaby Carrier, a Front Pouch and a Backpack. All three pieces together retail for $163 on the ERGObaby Website.

I have long been a fan of the Ergo's comfortable design (no aching shoulders here, thank you very much). Even now that D is two years old, I can comfortably carry her with the Ergo on my back, and she loves to nap in the Ergo.

The Backpack is designed to be used separately or snapped around the straps of the carrier for an all-in-one system. Though I haven't been able to give it a trial run, it seems like a good way to add some storage to the Ergo so that you are not carrying two bags.

The front pouch is a small "fanny pack" that can be attached to the ERGO or used separately as a purse. This system is a great way to get through the airport "hands free," and TSA will usually let you walk right through the metal detector with your baby in the Ergo.

I'm also including an IPod Shuffle. Use it to keep yourself occupied as you walk your baby to sleep in the Ergo, or use it to play soothing music for your tired toddler on your next flight. The controls are simple enough for even a toddler to use, and with any luck, they'll drift off to sleep...

How to Participate
There are more incredible prizes on the Passport With Purpose Prizes Page Before you make your raffle donations, be sure to check out all the other great stuff you can win.

Once you've selected your prize – or prizes – go to First Giving. For each ten dollar donation you make, you'll be entered into the raffle for the prize you've selected. Be sure to enter your email address and the prize you want to win in the comments field, or we can't notify you if you win! Passports with Purpose promises not to use your email for any other purpose than to notify you if you've won. There's more information on the First Giving page.

The deadline to purchase raffle tickets is 11:59pm PST on Dec 29. The founders will pull winners and notify them via email on December 30th. Want to know more? Visit Passports with Purpose

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