Picture Of The Week: Portland's Jamison Square Park

For the long holiday weekend, we took a last minute trip down to Portland with the kids (about three hours south of Seattle by car). I'll write more about the trip tomorrow, but I thought I would share this picture of D enjoying the wading pool at Jamison Square Park

We think Jamison Square is one of the main reasons we take so many weekend breaks in Portland. The shallow water (which is continually cycled and filtered) is safe enough that we can sit by the sidelines and have grownup time while the kids play. The blocks around the square are dotted with kid friendly shops and restaurants.

Jamison Square Park is in the heart of the Pearl District (Portland's hip shopping district), and easy to get to from the downtown core. We usually take MET light-rail. It's a free ride from downtown, and our kids look forward to the ride almost as much as the wading pool. If you love to shop, though, Jamison Square would be a fun walk from downtown past hip shoe and clothing shops for mom and fun kids stores (many with play areas).

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  1. Marc on July 31, 2015 at 3:34 p.m.

    Thanks for the nice blog, the travel tips are especially helpful!

    Just an FYI: the free public transit is the Portland Streetcar, not the Tri-Met light rail ($2.50). Also, only part of the City is in the free zone, so if you want to see more than the Pearl and Downtown, you'll need to buy a pass.