Reader Questions: Co-sleeping on Vacation

E sleeping in his stroller

This is a reader question from Kerry, new reader who wants to know how to co-sleep safely while traveling

Hi, I have recently started reading your blog - so much great information! I saw on the Travel Crib Light giveaway that you generally co-sleep on your trips. Do you do anything ...

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Travel Gear: 10 Reasons to Pack Duct Tape When You Travel

We're minimalists when it comes to specialized travel gear, but the one thing we never leave home without is a small roll of duct tape (also called duck tape). Here are some terrific uses you've probably never considered.

  1. Repair broken luggage or tape closed the area where a ...

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Step By Step: Babyproofing a Hotel Room

One of our challenges on each trip is keeping the kids safe while we're staying in hotels or a vacation rental. Most guidebooks recommend bringing bulky baby proofing items from home… meaning that you either need a second set for travel, or you need to undo your home babyproofing ...

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