Packed and Ready to Go!

I challenge myself to do something new (and ideally better) on each trip with the kids. For this trip, I challenged myself to pack only carry-on baggage. We’ve always tried to travel light (whatever that means for a family of four with two kids in diapers) but this time I wanted to avoid the whole bag check/baggage claim mess altogether.

Planning for the torrential rains in SF this week made things a little more difficult. We needed rain gear, sweaters, and extra clothing in case anyone got soaked. I'm happy to report that I fit everything we needed for the kids and me into one rolling bag plus the large purse I normally use as my carry-on. P packed his carry-on with his stuff and a few odds and ends for the kids (sippy cups, snacks, etc) that didn’t quite fit. We'll event have a little extra space on the return flight once all those diapers are used up.

What a great feeling! For the first time since D was born, we breezed through the airport and were in the city in record time.

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  1. Gudrun on January 29, 2008 at 10:37 a.m.

    congrats on the carry-on only travel! We did that too on our last trip (I am like you, I like to improve every time we travel) and it was so much fun to breeze through the airport. We look forward to packing this way on our European trip in March, except that we think our kids might be old enough to have their own roll-on carry-ons! We might have to test this theory before putting it into practice.....