Passports With Purpose Update

Earlier this week I got together with Pam, Beth, and Michelle to checkpoint our progress on the Passports With Purpose fundraiser for Heifer International.

In just a few short weeks, what started as an idea brought up over coffee has transformed into what I believe will be a very successful fundraiser. The outpouring of support from the travelblogging community has been amazing. I want to thank everyone who is either joining us, posting about Passports With Purpose, or planning to buy raffle tickets.

The prize list is amazing too... and it seems like every day, some new prize shows up that makes Pam, Beth, Michelle and I wish we could buy raffle tickets too.

It's not to late to join in, so if you're interested in more details, feel free to send any of us an email or DM. Even if you think it's too late to secure a prize, I'd be happy to send you a blog badge (like the one on this post) that you can use to help us promote this cause

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