Family Farmstays: Friend or Foe? had a great article recently on budget tips for family travel, and I was intrigued by the idea of a family farmstay. A farmstay is an arrangement where you stay on someone's farm, and have the opportunity to help out as much as you would like (but you are not required to). Prices are usually very reasonable, but beyond that, it just seems like a great experience. My city-kids don't know much about where their food comes from and are overdue for a lesson.

In my area, I'm intrigued by the Leaping Lamb Farm (south of Portland, OR) and Fairburn Farm on Vancouver Island.

Has anyone tried a Farmstay? What was your experience like? Let me know in comments.

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  1. Linda (minnemom) on October 9, 2008 at 7:37 p.m.

    We haven't tried a farm stay, mostly because we live on a farm. ;-) I think it would be interesting even for us, though, to visit an area that has a different type of ag production and learn about it first-hand.

    I think it would be an excellent learning experience for kids who have never been on a farm before!

  2. Ric Garrido on October 10, 2008 at 2:33 p.m.

    My wife and I once traveled to Cape Clear Island off the south coast of Ireland. A beautiful little green island with a pub and a summer Gaelic language school. There were a couple hundred teenagers on the island studying Gaelic.

    Anyway, there was a goat farm there which had a farm stay program ten years ago. We looked the farm over and my wife wanted to go back some day. We didn't.

    Someone wanting a seaside working Irish vacation could probably have a great time in a place like Cape Clear Island. I don't remember the specific goat farm though.