Travel Credit Card - A Great Way to Save

I have no affiliation with British Airways or Chase and did not receive any compensation for this post. Whenever I do receive a free product or service for evaluation, I will always let you know.

I'm usually immune to offers for new credit cards. Afterall, with three kids age ...

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12 Tips for Saving Money at Great Wolf Lodge

Last week, our family took a quick overnight trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Centralia, WA (about 1/2 way between Seattle and Portland). While the resort had hosted us in the past, this trip was at our own expense, and it was important to me to keep our costs ...

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10 Ways to Save Money on Your Hawaiian Vacation

View from Alii Kula Lavender Farm on Maui

Everyone I talk to seems to have fond memories of a trip to Hawaii or dream of making the trip themselves. Yet, they often worry about the expense. I was surprised at how much more affordable Hawaii was on this trip than it was when I last visited (6 years ...

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Saving Money When You Travel

An entertaining travel toy!

I have a great guest post today over at Freebies4Mom about using freebies to entertain kids when you travel. I count this among my Best Budget Tips for Family Travel, and if you love finding ways to keep your kids busy without lugging along tons of expensive toys, I hope ...

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How to Compare Costs Between Two Vacation Destinations

A friend wrote to me recently asking how to compare costs between a few different vacation destinations she was considering. Figuring out the relative cost of different destinations can be tricky because it depends on exchange rates, hotel occupancies, and transportation costs, and excursions. The local cost of living does ...

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When Should I Buy Family Travel Insurance?

Road from Santa Fe to Taos

Some people purchase family travel insurance religiously for each trip, while others have never considered it, and I often get questions about whether trip insurance is a good idea or not. Because we tend to travel independently and rarely cancel, we use trip insurance only infrequently, and I have thought ...

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How to Negotiate Airline Change Fees

6 month old E eating his airline ticket

Nobody wants to travel with a sick child (and even fewer people want to be stuck on a plane with one) but airline change fees are so punishing that parents sometimes feel like they have no choice. I want to share a recent experience and how we were able to ...

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How I Saved $285 on My Next Trip Before Leaving Home

Last night, on the phone with my parents, we were literally moments away from booking what we thought was the best deal in Phoenix, $129 per night for a suite at the 4-star Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort, a hotel with literally acres of pools, waterslides and other kid-friendly fun ...

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10 Tips for Finding Freebies When You Travel

I have a great guest post today over at Freebies4Mom about 10 Tips for Finding Freebies When You Travel. I count this among my Best Budget Tips for Family Travel, so if you are interested in saving money on your next vacation, I hope you'll head over and check ...

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Family Farmstays: Friend or Foe?

CNN.com had a great article recently on budget tips for family travel, and I was intrigued by the idea of a family farmstay. A farmstay is an arrangement where you stay on someone's farm, and have the opportunity to help out as much as you would like (but ...

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My Best Budget Tips for Family Travel

I got such a positive response to last week's article sharing my real travel budget that I thought it would be a good idea to share my favorite past articles on budgeting for a family vacation.

These aren't your typical budget tips, and some of them are novel ...

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A Real Travel Budget: New Mexico With Kids

It is funny that out of all the articles I have written in the past year, this one makes me the most uncomfortable. There is something very private about one's budget. Publishing my budget exposes the places where we were simply too lazy to be frugal, the places where ...

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Tips for A Last Minute Getaway on a Budget

I was recently interviewed for an article on TravelMuse about Last Minute getaways. It's great article, and of course I have a few additional tips for making last minute getaways work.

Search out the Best Deal
If you have a trusted trusted travel agent they can be a great ...

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Money Saving Tips the Travel Industry Doesn't Want You to Know

Most budget travel articles tell you things like where to find the best hotel deals or give advice like "find restaurants where kids eat free." Those are great tips, but they keep you firmly rooted in expensive travel industry products and services. This article focuses on tips you won't ...

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Easy Ways To Track Travel Expenses and Stick To Your Vacation Budget

Most families need to stick to a budget when they travel, but tracking your daily expenses, especially in a foreign currency, can be tricky. Here are some easy tips to help you keep track of how much you are spending.

Before You Leave:

  • Create an email folder for your trip ...

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Reader Questions: Budgeting for a Family Trip to Europe or Australia

I received question from Jaqueline, a reader in Chicago, this week asking about budgeting for a family vacation. Here's the question:

I viewed your site, and I must say you have done a wonderful job preparing families across the internet world. I have a question regarding financing. Have you ...

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Step-by-step: Creating a Budget for a Family Vacation

Don't let budget be the thing that stands between you and your dream destination. Instead of getting hung up on how much your ideal vacation might cost, think of the vacation as your goal and then work out how to keep the costs in line with what you can ...

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Budget: Saving Money on Your Holiday Travels

Your airfares are purchased, your hotel room is booked, and you've already reserved a rental car. You might think you've done the best you can to cut costs on your holiday travels, but it's not too late to save even more. Whether you're headed home to ...

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Ten Great Travel Toys You Already Own

We're all for buying the kids a few new toys to get through a long plane ride or car trip, but frankly we don't want to break the shopping budget before we even leave town. Even more importantly, it can take more time to gather up the right ...

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