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Today, one of our two local newspapers is shutting down its print edition forever. Here in Seattle, we're lucky - we still have one newspaper left, but across the country the newspapers, magazines and tv news shows that have held businesses and politicians accountable for their actions through investigative reports are struggling. Those that are still operating have often cut back on expensive independent reporting.

Society still has a need for that investigative reporting, and one of the ways that it can begin to resurface is through the efforts of investigative bloggers. Jeremiah Nichols of Z Recommends has proposed a session at BlogHer about how parent bloggers can do consumer research and investigative reporting and he needs your votes in order to make it happen.

Why do I care? I experienced at a small scale the impact even a very small blog like mine can have on a major international company's policy (and on state law) when I broke my own stories about Unsafe Car Seats at Advantage Rental Car. The stories were picked up by ABC news, the company pledged to change its ways, and even the state of California revisited its policies on car seat safety in rental cars. Those of us who blog have the opportunity (and the power) to make big changes in issues we care about, and I am thrilled about the idea of meeting up with other bloggers to talk about how we do that professionally and responsibly.

If You Like This Idea as Much as I do, Please vote

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  1. Lorraine Akemann on March 22, 2009 at 10:29 p.m.

    Yes, I recall the news that the PI in Seattle has shut down. The SF Chronicle is also struggling. This article ( was written in the SF Chronicle Opinion column last month about how newspapers are necessary given the reliability of their content. Bringing that reliability to blogging would be a timely topic.