Photo Friday: Overhead View

Landing in Lusaka, Zambia

I can't resist posting just one more picture of Zambia's landscape - this time from above.

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Ribbon Cutting at Chilileka Basic School's New Library
A Tour Through Lusaka's Slums
Books and Online Resources about Zambia

What is Photo Friday?

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Zambian Landscape

Zambian landscape

I'm not able to properly describe the beauty and calmness of Zambian's landscape, so I wanted to share this picture and a quote that I think describes it perfectly.

"The Zambian landscape is one note endlessly repeated. At the Tunduma frontier, the character of the land suddenly changes ...

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Ribbon Cutting at Chilileka Basic School's New Library

Spoiler alert - the libraries are real, and by the end of this day we cut a red ribbon

Missing a little context? Jump to the bottom to learn more about why I'm in Zambia this week.

I may have helped organize the Passports with Purpose fundraiser, but it was the work of about two thousand people (between bloggers, donors and corporate sponsors) who really built this project ...

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A Tour Through the Slums in Lusaka, Zambia

Kids playing in Lusaka's Garden District

I don't believe that it's ever possible to wrap your head around another person's experience. Not even your neighbors or close friends. And life in another country with its own culture and traditions is even harder to comprehend. Things might look similar, human needs are the same ...

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Children's Books about Africa

A classic folktale with brilliantly colored illustrations

Even though my kids aren't with me on this trip to Africa, I've been trying to find ways to bring them along virtually. Reading books and looking at pictures is one way to do that, and has been a fabulous leaping off point for discussions about traditions and ...

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Videos about Zambia

When my husband and I made our first trip to Africa in 2001 I poured over any images I could find that would help me wrap my head around what it would feel like to be there. There really wasn't much available, and the web was still very text ...

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Welcome to Zambia

View from the Airplane Window

There's something about the African landscape that is deeply settling. When I first visited the African continent 10 years ago, it felt like coming home. As we flew into Lusaka today, I felt those same feelings resurfacing - I've never been to Zambia before, but already it feels strangely ...

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What are Your Questions about Zambia

As I get ready for this trip to Zambia, it's been fun to answer questions from family and friends (and in the process, to realize how little I know about Zambia and more broadly about Africa). The kids are helping me create a list of questions to take with ...

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Visiting the Libraries You Built in Zambia

You made this happen!

Last December, when the Passports With Purpose Fundraiser surpassed our goal to raise $80,000 to build two libraries in Zambia, we had another goal that we were more quiet about... to visit in person, meet the kids, and bring back stories and pictures about how our libraries helped the ...

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