Naptime and Bedtime

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Daytime Sleep

If your child isn’t already used to taking naps in the stroller, you can use the first couple of days (when they are jetlagged and primed for sleep anyway) to get them used to it. Each time you put them in teh stroller for sleep, go through as much of their sleep routine as possible and tell them that you expect them to go to sleep. Give them whatever comfort objects they would normally have at home for sleep time. Next find someplace calm to walk the stroller around so that they can drift off (a river, lake, or park works well)

You might also try having one parent stay with the child in the hotel room and helping them nap while the other parent gets some free time to do something on their own.

Nighttime Sleep

We find it easiest to let our kids sleep with us when we travel. They don't have to learn to settle in to a strange crib and it's a nice treat for everyone to snuggle, especially when we're in a strange place.

If your baby or child is a light sleeper and you do not have a suite or apartment, you may need to go to sleep when they do or use the time when they are sleeping to read and plan the next day’s activities. You might also try having some TV or music going while they are falling asleep and gradually raising the volume once they are down. The TV noise will cover any small noises you might make


If you’re using a crib that the hotel has provided, thoroughly inspect it to make sure that it is safe. Sometimes hotel cribs are old and do not conform to modern safety standard. We’ve also seen cribs altered in a way that makes them unsafe (for example, adding a loose fitting mattress to a pack and play)

Don’t ever leave your child alone in a hotel room or apartment while they sleep, even with a baby monitor. Many people have access to hotel rooms and rental apartments and you never know when someone might enter to turn down the beds, clean, etc.

Back Home

It's easy (and normal) to fall into sleep habits when you are travelling that you cannot sustain once you are back home (rocking to sleep, always sleeping with your child, etc.) If your child has trouble adjusting when they return home, talk to them (even if he or she is a very young baby) about how the trip was a special time and at home we always sleep in our own beds. It's ok to ease them back into things. Over time, as they go on more trips (and as they get older) they'll start to understand that these things are part of the extra joy of travel and it will be easier to get them back on their normal routine.

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  1. Jasmine on December 5, 2014 at 6:27 a.m.

    Hi my 14 month old son and I just returned from overseas trip on monday night, my little one is out of his routine he doesnt sleep at night but started having long naps which his regular routine is 1nap in the morning for 1hour next is lunch nap is for an hour and half then evening wld be dinner at5 bath quite time in bed at 7pm sleep all night through. Now 7pm in bed wakes 4 hours later refuses bed till 2am he is on breastfeeding pls how can I put him back to his old routine I realized not sleeping at night he hasnt being intresred in food pls advice me