5 Tips for Feeding Baby When You Travel

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Eilan mouths an empty cup on our flight to Istanbul
Eilan mouths an empty cup on our flight to Istanbul

Feeding baby at home is a messy endeavor. I usually strip Eilan down, let him eat, and then put the (still clean) clothes back on rather than deal with a bib. When we travel, that isn't an option, plus I have to carry along all the food he might need during the day. Here are my best tricks for feeding a baby on the road.

  1. Dress Right: Unless the weather is very hot, dress baby (and yourself) in layers. Remove the top layer for feeding and then replace it once baby is all cleaned up. Any missed spots will be hidden under that lightweight sweater. To prevent spots, my favorite bib for travel is the Bumkins Bib it's lightweight, washes up easily in a sink, dries quickly. If you don't want to carry around a wet bib, Munchkin Travelware Disposable Bibs - 24 Pack are compact, and you can throw them away once you are done.
  2. Pack In Baby's Food: Every day I carry a couple containers of baby food, a plastic container full of baby oatmeal, and some non-perishable finger foods. If we won't be out for too long, I might also carry cut up cheese, fresh fruit or olives. I try to feed Eilan primarily from restaurant menus, but when there isn't anything suitable (or we're in the middle of our sightseeing) I always have something I knew he likes and is not allergic to.

  3. Order Off The Menu To avoid unknown allergens while still introducing new foods, look for simple appetizers and side dishes to feed baby (for example, a Caprese salad, cheese or fruit plates, or even a selection of olives. Even if you don't see something obvious, take a look at what sides the entrees are served with. Most restaurants are happy to accommodate a young baby, and will serve you a side of steamed vegetables, rice, or some other accompaniment on its own. It's bulky, but you might consider carrying a baby food mill if you want to make your own baby food at the table.
  4. Get Seated Not every restaurant has a high chair, especially when you are traveling internationally. If you want to keep baby off of your lap, consider using a hard framed baby backpack (most can be set on the floor next to the table) or feeding your baby in the stroller. Of course, you'll need extra baby wipes to clean up the mess!
  5. Keep Clean Ask for an extra cup of water when you sit down. Why? To clean dropped spoons and dirty faces or hands
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