Packing an Airplane Busy Bag

E is entranced by his train coloring book

Packing a travel busy bag is tricky business. Pack too little and you'll be trying to turn napkins into toys. Pack too much, and your backpack will be so heavy that you are sorry you ever left home. Last week I posted a picture of our most recent travel ...

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Packing Checklist for Flying With Bottles and Breastmilk or Formula

I have written extensively in the past about breastfeeding or breastmilk pumping when you travel, but I've never written about what to pack if you intend to feed your baby expressed breastmilk or formula on your trip.

Traveling With Expressed Breastmilk
As of this writing, mothers are able to ...

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Traveling While Pregnant: Babymoon Packing List

A little bit pregnant at the Disneyland Mom Blogger's event

This is the third post in a series about traveling while pregnant. The first post was about timing your trip and the second was about questions to ask your doctor before you go.

I usually advocate traveling light, but when you are pregnant, it's a good idea to pack ...

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Reader Question: Carrying Baby Food Through Customs

Baby food in selection in Spain

Here is a reader question from Lil, a mom from Charleston, SC who asks:

I've recently discovered your valuable site and just in time too: my husband and I will be taking our 13 month old to England in early February. I love all the helpful advice you give ...

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What are Your Favorite Airplane Snacks?

It's no secret that airline food isn't particularly kid friendly, and lately most flights don't include any food at all, leaving parents to bring along their own snacks and meals for their hungry kids. Recently The Perrin Post asked parents for their favorite travel snacks and there ...

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Reader Questions: Stroller vs Backpack for European Travel With Kids

I recently got this great question from Christy who is wondering whether she should bother bringing a stroller with her to Europe or should instead opt for a frame backpack carrier.

We are going to be in Italy (Venice and Siena) for the majority of our trip but will also ...

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